ANGEL:CRY is an electronic music project of B.E.S. — leader, arranger, composer & songwriter, former leader of the ukrainian black-art-rock band Gray Angels.

In 2007 ANGEL:CRY was an industrial/darkelectro band with a bitchy female vocals and distorted male screams.

Aggressive pop beats, harsh guitars, background video and a BDSM PJs team made ANGEL:CRY's live performance popular in a local goth/industrial community.

Later B.E.S. focused on a pure electronics with no vocals and guitars — as in albums «2012» and «Coronal Mass Ejection»

March 2015.

The new and very likely the last album «Coronal Mass Ejection» is released by ANGEL:CRY on It was recorded at dIgital Hell records during 2012—2015.

Genre of this album is hard to define, it's trance/electronic/whatever author liked to play and program.


At midnight 31.12.2011/01.01.2012 ANGEL:CRY released a goatrance EP «2012» free of vocals and guitars, leaving a «rock-band» lifestyle behind.

The album is dedicated to the mystery of ancient civilizations and their mythology.


Aggressive pop & trance longplay «B.E.A.T.» is a collection of several songs and some tracks without vocals. This one has no common idea, tracks are just put together =)